Fun and Foamy Songkran at Market Village

Fun and Foamy Songkran at Market Village
Fun and Foamy Songkran at Market Village

Fun and Foamy Songkran at Market VillageFun and Foamy Songkran at Market Village

The 13th April each year is a very important day for Thai people as it is the traditional New Year of Thailand.  Like many other places in the country, Hua Him organises festive activities for both local people and visitors.

The Hua Hin Market Village, a big lifestyle shopping mall in the beachfront city, will hold the Songkran celebration on 13th April 2013 at 2 p.m. onwards. Taking place in front of the mall itself, this festive event combines traditional and fun activities. Visitors can do merit making by bathing a famous Buddha image of Hua Hin and join a traditional Thai dance.

The highlight is two big foamy seas for children and adults. Named, “Colour Foam, Colour Squeeze”, the foamy seas allow visitors to splash color water on one another. In addition, there will be many variety shows and a concert from Getsunova, a well-known teenage pop band in Thailand.

At Suan Sri Cicada Market the Songkran celebration lasts for 4 days from 12th to 15th April 2013.  Titled “Songkran Festival 2013”, it features music on stage, outdoor theatres, Buddha image bathing, an art exhibit – “Rhythm of Water Color” and the selling of handmade products. Visitors can enjoy water splashing there as well.