Business man from BKK donate HH hospital 2

Two generous business owners from Bangkok have donated 5.4 million Baht to the Hua Hin Hospital. This is to support a project to fund a new building as the hospital’s second branch in Boh Fai.

The Director of Hua Hin Hospital Doctor Chantrakul, commented that last month people in Hua Hin and Pranburi organised a Buddhist ceremony offering robes to Buddhist monks as a charity event to raise funds for this building. The event involved many business people, politicians, and other local people. A total of 3.3 million Baht was raised however 5 million Baht was needed.

The owners of an iron wire factory in Mab Taput, Rayong, Mr. Wirot and Mrs. Sumalee Rattanasiriwilai visited Hua Hin on 18th October 2013 and donated 5.4 million Baht in additional funding. They said that they were happy to do so as a way to express gratitude to Their Majesties who are now staying in Hua Hin.

The total of donations received for this project is now 9.4 million Baht. Hospital Committee Members Dr. Thaweesak Dechapanya, Mr. Thawee Kesa-ngam and Mr. Jira Pongpaiboon will actively work with other concerned organisations to finish the project as soon as possible so that there will be a new public hospital available for people in Boh Fai.

The new branch of the Hua Hin Hospital in Boh Fai will have medical staff available around the clock. Initially, it will provide basic medical treatment while patients with emergency or serious cases will be transferred to Hua Hin for further diagnosis and treatrment.

“Hua Hin Hospital is providing medical treatment for 500-800 patients daily. This is very hard for us to manage. When the hospital’s new branch is completed at the end of the year, it will improve the ability of our staff to accommodate the needs of patients,” said Doctor Niran.

Doctor Niran described the Rattanasiriwilai family as very charitable and known to have previously donated a land area of 23 Rai worth 50 million Baht to a hospital in Ang Thong Province several years ago. Doctor Nran was working there at the time. Knowing he is now working in Hua Hin, family members came here to donate to the Hua Hin Hospital.

Hospital staff and local people in Hua Hin are very thankful for this support which will provide many benefits for everyone and improved medical care in the region.