It’s a marvelous night for a moon dance at Aleenta Hua Hin-Pranburi Resort and Spa as Thailand’s original boutique resort announces a pioneering initiative for couples with a taste for the dark and mysterious side of life.
The ‘Moonlit Wedding’ is a unique twist on nuptials that transforms the Big Day into the Big Night: a lunar beach celebration in true Thai style, a reception that will have guests howling, not to mention unbeatable bragging rights for the discerning bride and groom seeking to stay ahead of the contemporary tropical beach wedding curve. Aleenta Hua Hin Resident Manager James Noble said Aleenta continued to push the envelope for tropical beach weddings by offering something that would appeal to romantics, night owls and couples looking to entrance their guests while elevating their wedding above the ordinary.
“Imagine the ambiance,” Mr Noble said. “You make your way by chauffeured car to the moonlit beaches of Pranburi and finally to Aleenta’s slice of paradise at Paknampran Bay.
Mr Noble said his team had spared no effort in devising something truly different. “The waxing and waning moons here are amazing, and that’s what inspired the idea,” he said. “We’ve come up with some lovely touches, like a candle-lit aisle under a star-studded canopy with 12 lanterns launched overhead as each guest holds a candle.
“Aleenta will serve up the ultimate wedding breakfast for night owls, served at sunrise with liquor coffees and bucks fizz. “Late supper, late late supper, or wedding breakfast: we will leave it up to each couple to decide.”
After the vows and the feasting, the bride, groom and wedding party can repair to the beachfront luxury and comfort of their villa or suite, watching the sun rise shimmer in an infinity pool and welcoming the day with Aleenta’s renowned ‘Outside Living – In’ design, surrounded by friends and family. Or lower the shades, cocoon, and retreat to your private universe.
Aleenta Hua Hin can cater for private weddings for two up to large events with 120 people on the sand and excels at tailor-made weddings, with a track record of over a decade of making tropical beach wedding dreams come true.