Global inflation caused by COVID-19 deters couples from establishing families


As the global economy worsens and the COVID-19 pandemic, amongst many other crises, keeps driving prices up, young Thais are discouraged from having children, as they fear uncertainty in the future.

The low birth rates, however, are becoming a source of concern for experts as to how much this issue will affect the country and its economy.

Khun Baz, a political analyst, said that the most prominent reason young couples are not open to starting a family is the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting that the economy was hit hard by the fallout of the pandemic.

He said that even though there has been noticeable inflation, the wages have remained the same, adding to the problems Thais face when they consider establishing a family.

He said for most Thais, it is a challenge to support oneself as it is, adding that young couples are forced to think twice before deciding to start a family.

“I think it’s about the generation gap. Our children and grandchildren’s generation will have a society, culture and understanding of each other that is different from ours, and this would have been made possible by new ways of connecting and communicating, said Khun Baz.

“It is now possible for people to find out information and connect with others in ways that were not possible for previous generations. People today look for information on the internet. It makes us feel that we have access to more knowledge. The changing ways we communicate and get information will create a generational gap. Each generation will talk to each other differently and with different information. This will lead to misunderstandings. There is no easy way to address this issue.”

Knot, an employee at Siam Paragon:

“Reasons for not wanting to have children are mainly the state of the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertain economic conditions have led many couples to decide to postpone having a family. The poor economic conditions have been further exacerbated by the pandemic. Many couples have put off starting families because economic recovery and future growth are uncertain and the cost of living is so high compared to the average income.”

Khun Namtan, a freelancer:

“I would say that Thai people would like to have children. But if you are in this economic era, having a child means that you will think about the future and how you will take care of a child. At this time, it is difficult enough to take care of ourselves, even with a job. Even with a full-time job, many people often need to seek another job to make ends meet, or even open a shop; It’s not that everything will be better. We look from many angles. We also have to look for the future of our children if we decide to have someone’s day. How should we look to support the children?”