Golden Sculpture of ‘Uncle Tuck’ Erected in Hua Hin


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The Hua Hin Muang Nai Fun (literally, the Dream City of Hua Hin, in Thai) Club, in cooperation of Hua Hin Municipality, has created a gold sculpture of the City’s senior citizen Mr. Tuck Dechapanya, locally known among Hua Hin people as Uncle Tuck.
According to the Chairperson of the Club Mr. Thawee Kasa-ngam, the gold sculpture is now completed and erected at the Artist Village in Khao Dan.
Mr. Tuck Dechapanya is a very important figure in Hua Hin thanks to his constant dedication and hard work in the political, administrative and media affairs of Hua Hin throughout his life. The sculpture will remind everyone that the City of his contribution to society. It will also promote tourism in Hua Hin, serving as a historical monument.
Besides the sculpture of Uncle Tuck, the Hua Hin Muang Nai Fun Club will ask Hua Hin Municipality, the Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand, the former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop and the Executive Chair of Chiva Som Mr. Krib Rojanasathira to install monumental sculptures that symbolise traditional images of Hua Hin, such as fishing boats or sailing ships, along Phetchakasem Road, starting from Hua Hin Airport to the City centre. Those sculptures contribute towards making Hua Hin a beautiful and artistic city similar to some European and American towns. More importantly they will represent the City’s background and unique identity over time.
Mr. Thawee added that, once the sculpture project is completed, the Club would launch a project to establish a Hua Hin Local Museum in 2014. A philanthropic person has donated a plot of land to construct the museum. The Club’s Members are brainstorming about objects and artifacts to be exhibited there. Above all, there will be a section about those who contributed to the development of Hua Hin, such as the former Mayor Kromphra Kamphaeng Phet Akarayothin.
If this project is successfully completed, it will be a symbol of unity and show the culture heritage to younger generations in the City.
“I’m not a native of Hua Hin but love staying here. That’s why I founded the Hua Hin Muang Nai Fun Club and formed this committee. After meetings and discussions, we agreed to create something that concretely represents its identity,” concluded Mr. Thawee.