GPO denies overcharging for Moderna jabs


BANGKOK (NNT) – The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), insisted today that the price per-dose of the Moderna vaccine it plans to sell to private hospitals, reflects actual costs, dismissing allegations of overcharging.

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has also released a statement in which it responds to allegations the organization is overcharging private hospitals buying the Moderna vaccine.

The GPO currently serves as a facilitator for the procurement of Moderna vaccine, to be offered by private hospitals as an out-of-pocket alternative COVID-19 vaccine, to those offered free of charge by the government.

In doing so, the GPO will be signing a supply agreement with Moderna’s authorized dealer in Thailand, Zuellig Pharma, and will distribute the vaccine to private hospitals at a price of 1,100 baht per dose.

This pricing has however led to a claim on social media the GPO is overcharging private hospitals, citing an alleged cost per-dose of only 584 baht.

The allegation claims the GPO is charging 88% extra on the claimed 584 baht per dose price.

In its statement, the GPO has insisted its 1,100 baht per dose reflects actual costs, from the price quoted by the reseller to the associated costs such as storage, logistics, and adverse effects insurance.

Meanwhile, the GPO says it can’t provide the actual pricing quoted my Moderna’s authorized dealer due to a confidentiality agreement, but the average global price as reported on indicates a range of 25-37 U.S. dollars per dose, subject to conditions and the size of the order.