Grand U aims to win market share with construction quality. Realized revenue target set for just under 4 Billion Baht in 2013 with younger buyers being the main target.

Grand U aims to win market share with construction quality. Realized revenue target set for just under 4 Billion Baht in 2013 with younger buyers being the main target.
Grand U aims to win market share with construction quality. Realized revenue target set for just under 4 Billion Baht in 2013 with younger buyers being the main target.

Condominium developer Grand U enjoys significant growth with over 3,100 Million Baht in realized revenue last year. The exceeding achievement can be credited to product quality, location, price, as well as improving brand awareness. The firm is confident their revenue will be as high as nearly 4,000 Million Baht as projects will be finished and ready for ownership transfer and as new projects will be launched to satisfy the demand of younger consumers seeking a residence of their own. A dedicated team of staffs has been established to render comprehensive assistance for Grand U customers.

Neramit Srangiam, Managing Director, Grand Unity Development Co., Ltd., or Grand U, announces the company has had a satisfactory performance in 2012. Four new projects were launched with value totaling 4,100 Million Baht. The realized revenue of 3,100 Million Baht is much higher than the established target as well. This success can be attributed to good construction quality meeting accepted standards. As many as 80% of the customers agreed to accept their units upon first inspection as they found them to be well executed beyond their expectation. Ownership of all units at each project was transferred in a very short time, reflecting how the customers are confident in the thoroughness of the developer. The majority of Grand U customers purchase their units for own use. An internal survey finds actual occupancy rate to be as high as 90% at all projects. As such, the firm is confident of growth in a similar fashion in 2013.

He shares, “It was a fantastic year for us in 2012 with higher realized revenue than we expected. Our people have dedicated so much to building the Grand U brand. Our company is in fact built on quality. We are able to complete the construction of condominium buildings in a shorter time while maintaining the usual standard. This is why we can transfer the units and realize our revenue more quickly. Grand U is very particular about after-sales service. We try our best to preserve the surrounding within the premise of our projects so they will look as good as on the day customers move in. It is quality such as this that contributes to the pleasure of our customers. Our brand is then further strengthens when they recommend us to their friends and family members.”

And as a guarantee of our quality, we can share that our U Delight @ Huaykwang project has recently been presented with the Starred House Award by the Office of Consumer Protection Board for project quality, fair governance and absence of complaints by residents. Customers have moved into U Delight @Huaykwang in 2010 but the surrounding within the premise remains as new as it was in the beginning. Our thanks go out to our Home Friendly Team whose members provide close support to the residents and assist with any repair work necessary within the individual units and the communal areas. Customers experiencing a difficulty can alert the team of their needs on a 24/7 basis via the online system. A contact center is also in place at 02-652-4000 to handle inquiries on projects, maintenance request and maintenance status. In this year, our Home Friendly Team will become an even stronger force in the care of our residents. Home Friendly Team members will inspect the execution of each unit to ensure 120% perfection level before handing them over to the customers. They will then continue to assist residents once they have moved in. You can say they are very good friends our customers will cherish having.”

Grand U expects to achieve a realized revenue of 3,800 Million Baht in 2013, primarily from the ownership transfer of units at three projects. Five new projects will be launched with a total value of over 5,000 Million Baht The company has seven projects whose construction is in progress and as such will realize more revenue in the coming years. Some of the projects being launched this year target younger buyers with lower price and designs they should find appealing.

Neramit elaborates on this, “Our business plan this year focuses on the segment of property we labeled Condo U with a price tag around 1.5 Million Baht for younger buyers and first jobbers, to make it easier for them to have a place of their own. We have launched two such projects in 2012: Condo U @ Huamark Station and Condo U Ratchayothin. Both were a huge success with all units sold in two months. This is a clear sign of the demand for lower priced condominium units. It has become evident also that our buyers are younger than before with some only 22 or 25 years of age. We will try to implement more marketing activities targeting these fresh graduates or first jobbers.”

Grand U’s latest introduction is the Condo U @ Paholyothin Station. Located in the quiet locale of Soi Paholyothin 23, this 4-rai property with only 407 units is ideal for an urban life with not only 60% open space for recreation but also accessibility from Paholyothin Road, Vibhawadee Road, as well as a shortcut to Ratchadapisake Road. The site of Condo U @ Paholyothin Station is right next to SCB Park Plaza where the headquarters of several large corporations are located, making it an interesting choice in the new central business district. Condo U @ Paholyothin Station is very well received with nearly 2,000 customers registering for the right to purchase.

Neramit gives a concluding remark, “I believe that Grand U will become stronger as a brand through our business plan which focuses on responding to actual market requirements and through the attention we pay to construction quality. Our performance will undoubtedly benefit as a result.”