Halio is a community school run by parents for the benefit of their children. The school provides two educational programs:  Primary for children aged 7-12 and Secondary for children aged 12-18.  The Kindergarten program began in September 2013.

The school’s mission is to prepare children for the evolving demands of a rapidly changing and highly technological future.

With an intimate atmosphere and individual attention the school aims to cultivate academic excellence, confident self-expression, a strong sense of community, personal responsibility and a lifelong commitment to growth and learning.  Halio is committed to producing well-rounded, independent, proactive young adults equipped with the necessary 21st Century Skills, mindset and academic qualifications required to succeed in an unpredictable world.

The Halio Primary Program was started in 2006 by Padma Fischer-White and four like-minded families. Dissatisfied with the quality of existing schools in Hua Hin, the founding parents decided to start their own school and do the job properly.  Since those humble beginnings, Halio has become licensed as a language school and grown to accommodate students from age seven to adult.

The Halio Secondary Program> (established in 2012) enables students to further their education at the same remarkable pace in the nurturing learning environment to which they have grown accustomed. Students continue with their modern innovative courses, and at the same time, study the internationally recognized material from the Cambridge iGCSE program. The Cambridge iGCSE program is the world’s most popular international curriculum for students age 14-16.  Students who would like to take the exams can do so at the British Council in Bangkok.

Upon completion of the iGCSE program, students study both core subjects and academic electives which prepare them for their High School Diploma and the American Standard Achievement Tests (SATs).  The SATs serve as an entrance exam qualification for Universities and Colleges around the world.  For students who do not meet the academic level required for SATs, Halio provides an alternative track that prepares students for the GED High School Equivalency Examination.

Halio’s results are evident. Children who have been at the school for over a year are studying at levels one to two years higher than their peers. They are happy and eager to learn, and possess a passion and care for their school and each other.