Heineken launches non-alcoholic beer in Thailand

Heineken launches non-alcoholic beer in Thailand
Heineken launches non-alcoholic beer in Thailand

Heineken has launched a non alcoholic version of its popular beer in Thailand, as consumers in the country seek healthier options.

Heineken 0.0 is made from natural ingredients, brewed with a recipe providing a distinct taste that contains no added sugar and just 69 calories per 330ml. Already available in 38 markets around the world, including the USA, UK, France, Spain and Germany, Thailand is the second Southeast Asian country to sell the drink following its launch in Singapore last year. Hein eken 0.0, which went on sale in Thailand in mid-March, is aimed at consumers who enjoy the taste of beer, but not necessarily the effects of alcohol. Speaking to the Nation, Maud Meijboom van Wel, Heineken Brand development boss in the Asia Pacific, said: “Heineken 0.0 offers a distinct and balanced taste, which you can now enjoy at any time. “It was brewed to provide our consumers with a new option for all their drinking occasions, addresses the growing cultural trend of living a balanced lifestyle and empowers people who can’t drink alcohol to be involved.

“In addition to positioning the Heineken bran d as a pioneer in the industry, we continue to introduce new and innovative products to meet the needs of consumers and to complement our existing offerings, without compromising on quality.” “Heineken 0.0 is aimed at both men and women aged 20 and older (legal drinking age and above) who enjoy the tast e of beer, but not necessarily the effects of alcohol. Heineken doesn’t have any intention of using this product for advertising purposes or breaching laws in the country.”

The target group for the drink is individuals who have a focus on healthy livi ng, young professionals and active parents. Meanwhile, another Dutch beer brand, Bava ria, has said it will launch a new camp aign to actively promote its nonalcoholic malt beverage in Thailand. According to Achava Mahamongkol, managing director of Captain Barrel, beer consumption in Thailand is on the decline with people increasingly shunning beer and instead drinking wine, spirits and hard seltzers, which they perceive as healthier than beer.

Others are drinking less and some are dropping alcohol altogether with brewers now looking to offer more options as consumer drinking habits change. While the non alcoholic beer market remains not only small but even stigmatised, the market is growing globally. In Singapore, for example, sales of non alcoholic beers went up 58 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to Kantar Worldpanel, which has insights into consumer panels around the world. In Europe, non-alcoholic beers now account for two per cent of Europe’s beer production, with sales rising to over $1.4 billion in 2017, noted The Drinks Business website. But will Heineken 0.0 other non alcoholic beers go down well with drinkers and non drinkers in Thailand? You’ll have to crack open a bottle and try for yourself!