The HHSSY was founded for Finnish people staying in Hua Hin or nearby regions such as Cha – Am in  2009. In the beginning the purpose of the Association was to help members´ stay and comfort in every day life and add to their knowledge of Thai culture.

The key interest point became The Library, where more than 1600 books are available for Members to borrow. It has been THE most popular spot ever since.

In March 2013, HHSSY rented a new home base near the Grand Plaza Hotel. There are two meeting rooms upstairs and the library downstairs as well as a small kitchen. One of the meeting rooms has WIFI and a computer for the members to usse.

Ther are now over 230 Members with different activities arraanged every week day during the winter season. We can bike together, go to the gym, discuss the challenges of IT, practice Thai language or have a typical sauna on Saturday afternoons.

Although the majority of members are Finns, there are also Thai, Swedish and British nationals. Around November and December is the most festive season with a Father´s Day Dinner, Finland´s Independence Day Party and a traditional Christmas Celebration, ”the Little Christmas Party”. Regular visits to concerts in Bangkok have also been on list of activities.

Communication with Members is  via e-mail and the interactive home pageson the website.  If you are interested in the Association more information can be found at the website or by email.

www.huahininseudunsuomalaiset.fi or