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Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa is one of the most luxurious spas in the heart of Hua Hin.  Its easily accessible for anyone who enjoys luxury and relaxation during a busy day.

Once you pass through the front gate you forget where you are and become heady from the aroma of orange that is all around. A cool towel and drink greeted me and my colleague at the reception.  The staff were so friendly and helpful. We looked at the spa treatments and tried to choose from the many therapies on the menu. It was very difficult to decide with so much variety. My therapist was very kind and helped me decide according to my personal needs.

I accepted her suggestion of the “Massage Creation” treatment.  This combines different massage techniques.  My therapist gave me three choices of aroma.  Lemongrass is for balancing, Ginger is for energising and last one for relaxing is a combination of orange and lavender. Even if I was in need of balancing, lavender was calling me!

After this aromatic dilemma my therapist led me to the spa suite. I was amazed by the Japanese bath that was covered with flowers petals. The temperature of the room was cool as I prefer, and the view was beautiful.  I wished I could stay there forever!  I was led to the massage table where flower’s petals were piled in a bowl on the floor. She covered me with a towel and so began my aromatic ‘Massage Creation’. The theapist found exactly where I was in pain and with her highly skilled smooth touch she made my body so relaxed that I couldn’t turn to the other side. Somewhere along the way I dropped off to sleep only to wake woke up from my dreams with a nice orange smell and a warm and sensual feeling on my face as she layed a hot aroma towel on my face.

One hour later I was brought back to the reception where my smiling therapist provided a cup of ginger tea. I saw my colleague with a shining face checking out the Guinot facial products with a look of “I want them all”.

She had decided to take the “Aroma Essential Facial” treatment. In this treatment they use one special product – Guinot.  She told me that to begin she had a soft peel with “Peeling Radiance Gel” and was very enthusiastic about this product. Then she had a peel off ‘Aromatic Masque’ with the same product label – Guinot. I was trying to listening to her but after such a pleasant massage my brain was blank and my body was limp. I hardly had enough energy to make it back to work. But I have to say her face retained a glow for days after the treatment.

The Spa offers a complete spa experience, from the most modern Western therapies to traditional Oriental treatments. ‘The Massage of Kings’ is a specialty.  This blends Swedish, Thai and Ayurvedic traditions with aromatherapy. Ayurveda stresses the use of plant-based medicines and treatments.

The professional therapists will soothe away your tension and stress.  They blend the age-old traditions of the healing power of touch with the exotic and magical allure of the East.  The treatments can be designed to fulfil your personal requirements.

Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa also provide the full range of hair and nail services at The Salon.

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