Holographics – End the year with the most edgy trend of the year!


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Perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, when or where else would you wear it?

Since we noticed Hussein Chalayan iridescent metallic leggings we are completely obsessed with this new trend. Before it was more likely to see metallic leathers and shimmering plastics in some sportswear collections but now we hope that we will be able to see it everywhere. In our opinion accessories with holographics will be especially attractive. We think that wearing holographic leggings requires a lot of courage but you can be risqué and go for accessories, makeup and nails art.

In terms of artistry, holographic fashion is three dimensional and very metallic. It’s one of the biggest trends internationally. Brands like Hussein Chalayan, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Diesel, Forever 21 etc have all used holographics in their runway creations. You too can incorporate this trend in pants, jackets, skirts, leggings, dresses, or more safely in your shoes, bags, belts and jewelry, or even for your home by creating your own Christmas ornaments, frames, vases, necklace piece, or even your shirt collar (check out the pictures).
How to wear the trend:
– The easiest way to pull off a holographic look is to pair it up with neutral colours like black and white.
– For a more luxurious evening look, wear black and pair it up with jewel in iridescent tones.
– Wear a holographic top with basic black leggings for a simple yet sleek style. Even a pair of jeans shorts look sophisticated.
– Another option for wearing this trend is to team it with pastels to balance it out. This combination adds a mysterious sheen of rainbow colours.
– You can get for a futuristic look with the help of metallic make up and nails polish. But keep everything else to the minimum!
– If you are not feeling bold or confident enough to sport this trend in your clothes, wear it in statement accessories. Team them with subtle, neutral garments. For example, choose one focal point and wear either a stilettos, a chunky neckpiece or carry a huge envelope clutch in holographic leather.

It seems like more and more often we can’t seem to take our eyes off this new intergalactic trend! Holographic nails use the sunlight to reflect the sparkle and shimmers of rainbow colours, playing with our eyes depending on how the light hits them. And to a party till the end of the night, get those sparkly fake eyelashes.
For DIY accessories and home décor:
You can use products you are already have at home. Maybe you were wondering what to do with your DVDs after have seen them. Well we have the solution. Cut them into small asymmetric shaped triangles or squares and stick them on frames, vases, Christmas ornaments, creating a new necklace or added to your favorite cloth. Voila holographic home decor.