Home Builder Association Holds “Home Builder Robot Contest 2013” to Make a Revolution in Home Building Sector for ASEAN


Home Builder Association joins hands with Tra Chang and Home Buyers Group to hold “Home Builder Robot Contest 2013” as the first time in Thailand to make a revolution in home building sector. It is ready to develop prototype robot and bring advanced technology innovation idea to support in hope of reducing housing construction period, replacing labor which is in shortage and leading to ASEAN level competition development.

Dr. Patchara Tantayanyong, President of Home Builder Association, discloses that to extend the association’s vision to become Thailand’s home building leader and to support creative idea of home building innovation and technology which can be applied in real business with development of prototype robot to solve labor shortage which is currently a severe problem, the association holds “Home Builder Robot Contest 2013” in a university level as the first time in Thailand with support from SCG Building Materials Co., Ltd, the construction materials innovation leader under Tra Chang Brand, and Homebuyers Group which are the contest’s sponsor.The objective of the project is to develop Thai youth’s potential in creative idea of new technology to support home building business and other related business which can apply in real business and use it to facilitate and save labor. This will lead to an improvement in life quality of labor in home building business and will help reduce housing construction period. In addition, it will develop potential of education, technology and business competition to support the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in building a foundation of contest to ASEAN level in the future.

Mr. Suratchai Kuenghakit, Vice President, Public Relations Division of Home Builder Association, adds that in Home Builder Robot Contest this year, there will be a contest of autonomous robot which can move heavy materials to replace labor shortage. At the same time, the association supports applying a research of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) to develop a prototype robotic power suit to use in construction job as well. Boonsong Pitisukrerk, Marketing Strategy & Management Division Manager, SCG Building Materials Co., Ltd, the leader in construction materials innovation under Tra Chang Brand as the sponsor of the project, says, “Home Builder Robot Contest 2013” is the first and significant step in construction industry sector. Besides stimulating development of prototype robot to replace labor in the future, the contest is a good beginning where many sectors including Home Builder Association, academic from leading university and Tra Chang participate in solving labor shortage problem. More important is that this project is to support development of Thai youth’s potential in creative idea of new technology which can be applied in real business. We expect to see a home building robot developed by student who is one of the significant keys in driving industry sector in the future.

Mr. Panya Lao-Anantana, Assistant to the President for Student Affairs, Kasetsart University, as the project’s advisor, discloses about qualifications and requirements that contest participant must be students who are studying in a university level and join the contest as a team of 6 people including 5 students and 1 advisor who is from the same university or college. They must register in university or college during competition. Each team must create a robot which must be autonomous. Contest period will be during May – August 2013. Anyone interested in must submit an application together with conceptual drawing & design within May 15, 2013 to Home Builder Association. The contest judge will announce 10 winner teams in the first round. Each team will receive 30,000 Baht sponsorship and the final round will be held in Home Builder Expo 2013 during August 22 – 25, 2013 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

Prizes will comprise honorary certificate from Home Builder Association and a scholarship of 150,000 Baht for the winner, honorary certificate from Home Builder Association and a scholarship of 100,000 Baht for 1st runner up, and honorary certificate and a scholarship of 50,000 Baht for 2nd runner up. There is also a prize for technical challenge contest for home building robot innovation. Winner will get a scholarship of 50,000 Baht. Anyone interested in the contest can submit application and conceptual drawing & design to Home Builder Association or call 02-570-0153, www.hba-th.org “Labor shortage problem in construction sector needs an urgent solution. During the past years, the association has solved the problem consecutively. Besides joining other related agencies, the association’s members this year recognize the importance of new construction technology and innovation and determine to develop and apply it in real business to solve the current labor shortage problem,” Dr. Patchara says.