Hospitalization Is still compulsory for all COVID-19 patients


BANGKOK (NNT) – The Public Health Ministry has insisted that hospitalization was still compulsory for all Covid-19 patients but mild and asymptomatic or green cases could be sent to field hospitals and “hospitels.”

Department of Medical Services (DMS) Director-General Dr Somsak Akksilp said fears over the current situation related more to long waits for hospital beds rather than a shortage of beds and coordinated efforts were already being made to address the issue.

He said all hospitals under the ministry’s supervision were being instructed to set aside ICU beds as more severe cases were anticipated this week. The DMS is working closely with medical schools in the management of ICU beds. The ministry has a total of 9,317 beds, an increase from 6,000-7,000 beds. About 3,000 beds are still available.

Dr Somsak said work is also under way to increase the number of Covid-19 patient transport vehicles across the country to 100, noting that the limited capacity to transport infected patients had also contributed to long waits over the past week.