Perhaps not just content to rely on the official Thailand tourism authorities to spread the word about the wonderful sights and travellers may experience in Petchaburi Province the management of the Hotel De La Paix recently embarked on their own marketing campaign.

Hua Hin Today was fortunate to be invited and to join a group of media on a day trip to some of the unheralded attractions of our Region.  This was an escorted journey which allowed the group to understand what those ‘in the know’ have been talking about and to ‘spread the word’.

Our ‘tour guide’ was Khub Nattapong Chin-aksorn, Assistant Guest Relation Manager of the Hotel.  Apart from Nicholas from Hua Hin Today, the group included Husband and wife Panida and Philip Hall.  Panida was representing Punch Media, publishers of magazines such as In Residence, RBSC, Lexus and M Society, Philip is the Editor of In Residence. Another group member was Matthew Boothe, Communications Manager of Delivering Asia Communications.  This Company represents some of the world’s most respected and influential magazine titles and brands and has been appointed to exclusively represent these media properties in Thailand and Indo China.  Lifestyle and Travel Magazine was also represented by reporter Jake Watts.

Apart from their emersion in the Petchaburi cultural experience all the tour group Members were impressed by the hospitality and professionalism of the Hotel De La Paix management and staff who showed their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.  Guests at the Hotel who take advantage of the tour opportunities offered are also bound to become ‘Petchaburi Ambassadors’.

Here are some descriptions of the highlights of the tour.  However the old adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ applies in this case.  Apart from the pictures in this edition more may be seen on our web and Facebook pages.

Khao Luang Cave

The Tham Khao Luang Cave is located approximately 45 minutes from Hotel De La Paix.  This is cave is very famous due to the fact that it houses a Buddha image cast under the royal command of King Rama V at that time dedicated to King Rama III and King Rama IV. The cave is beautiful with a sun beam falling down on the Buddha below and makes the cave magical. The cave houses a lot of religious objects. There are one big “cave room” and 3 smaller cave rooms, you enter the rooms by climbing slightly spooky stairs to enter the cave. In one of the smaller rooms has a beautiful small Buddha that looks like it it is thousands years old. There several other caves on Khao Luang and the whole area is cool and surrounded frangipani. The area is lively with vendors selling fruits to visitors so that you then may feed the monkeys that live on the hill. Guides are available for hire near the car park. Be careful with the monkeys as they are quick to take anything that is loose.

Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park- Phetchaburi

This historical park sits on top of Khao Wang (Palace Hill) giving great views of the Phetchaburi city. There is a palace on top built in a mix of Chinese and European styles but it is the views that really make this place special. Rama IV  built the palace and surrounding temples in 1859 to be used as a retreat from Bangkok. The hilltop location allowed the king to pursue his interest in astronomy and stargazing. There are many meandering paths were you can get different views of the city below and Phethaburi province  Currently the Fine Arts Department is using parts of the palace for the Phra Nakron Khiri National Museum. There are two entrances to the site. The front entrance is across from The Ratwithi and involves a steep footpath. On the back side there is a cabble car that you can use to go up the hill. The cable car runs 9.30-6.30pm. A Monday night market lines the street in front of Khao Wang with the usual food and clothing stalls. Bring a camera this is a great place to take pictures of the area. This place is very different from other 9 historical parks in Thailand as it has more architecture included into the park so very well worth the visit.

Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park- Cha Am
Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park is a beautiful trek for nature lovers. It covers an area featuring cave-ridden limestone hills and forested greenery. Inside the park, the 3km nature trail passes through a scenic landscape filled with natural rock formations, bird habitats and an array of flora and fauna.  There is also a path that brings you to a hollow rock that looks almost like a suspended balcony and is a magical place and great for viewing the area of South Cha Am. Getting to the forest park is an adventure in itself as the road is rough and relatively unpaved. The forest park has two important mountains called Khao Chaolai and Khao Chomprasart, Together, the two mountains look like a giant lying on her side.  Nang Phanthurat is the name of a female giant in a Thai folklore. Locals like to picnic or to enjoy the serenity of nature.


It’s not uncommon for residents and visitors in Hua Hin and Cha-Am to ignore what is available in the countryside further North or South than the usual attractions a little close to these two towns.  However if you think more widely you can discover much more.

Our thanks to Hotel De La Paix  for making the effort to promote these attractions in a very practical and ‘hands on’ way.  The ‘tour group’ was not disappointed.  And at the end of the day the group’s finishing meal at the Hotel proved to be yet another highlight with a seafood platter as a sumptuous conclusion to their great day out.