Hotel de La Paix’s Spa Indochine Extravaganza!


I have always loved the modern design of the Hotel De La Paix.  It has an industrial chic with an impressive marble entrance that leads to a fountain that seems to go on forever.  Accordingly I was very excited to get invited for spa treatment to their Spa Indochine as I wanted to see how it was designed and how the treatment would be. The hotel is designed by visionary architect and designer Duangrit Bunnag and has a really quite an unusual entrance, pool and spa design.

When Khun Dao, the Executive Secretary at Hotel de La Paix arranged for two treatments, I knew just the person to bring along. I happen to have a male colleague who is always complaining about not being invited to spa reviews and I knew he has never had a Spa treatment in his life.  I thought he be the perfect person to bring along and my day to get him to have a treatment as a non-homosexual man.

The Spa is located under the impressive entrance fountain and I personally love the design. The entrance is modern and faces the pool but the rest reminds me of ancient Egyptian houses with lighting coming from the roof only and all the walls made out of what seemed like huge sandstone blocks. The whole look is exclusive and very restful.

I had been allocated the Spa Indochine Signature Massage (1.5hours at 2500THB) and my colleague was easily coerced into having the Papaya and Pineapple Exfoliation (2hrs at 3900THB) followed by massage.  Apparently male customers usually go straight for the massage without additional treatments.

Spa Indochine starts all treatments with a pampering with a foot cleaning ritual using their signature salt & stone footbath while you enjoy your ginger tea.  Just my room was amazing with an oblong skylight letting just enough light to make it cozy.  I really loved the appearance of the room with my own bathroom and shower in that gorgeous stone.

The Signature Massage combines Thai, Swedish and Balinese Massage. The Balinese massages long strokes improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, whilst the Swedish deep tissue techniques relieve tension and ease stiffness. Thai massage is used to add elements of stretching. The combination of these types of massages was very, very relaxing.  I especially liked that she used her arm to massage my back without in anyway causing discomfort but yet getting out all my stress and knots in my back. The treatment is a full body massage where you get massaged from head to toe. This is the first time I have had a full body massage where even the feet were included and the massage ended with a good 10 minute head massage.  Perfect after a stressful week or if you are need of relaxing or have achy muscles after a rigorous game of golf.

I was visibly relaxed when I walked out but very curious as to how my colleague found his first spa treatment with exfoliation, a wrap and a massage.  His treatment included a moisturizing scrub made out of Papaya, Pineapple, yoghurt, olive oil, milk and shredded coconut to remove dead cells. Followed by a 15 minute wrap and then an aromatic massage. I can vouch he came out looking very shinny and fresh although with a little bit of a bemused.   Could it have been those black disposable underwear he had to wear? This is how he experienced it.

David:  ‘We males sometimes have a problem accepting that women may have it right when it comes to body pampering.  After all it wasn’t so long ago that we only went to male barbers for a haircut!  Yes, the disposable underwear was strange (I don’t really know; but perhaps a bit like wearing panty hose with the legs cut off?).  Also a bit strange being scrubbed and wrapped up in plastic so that the herbal potions could do their thing; but hey, get over it and enjoy.  After this preparation my masseur quickly diagnosed the parts of my body that were stressed, sometimes painful and went to work.   Two hours seemed like ten minutes and I emerged a new man; shiny, clean and really de-stressed. 

Guys – don’t let the ladies have all the fun.  Do yourself a favour; let go of your male inhibitions and know what it is really like to be looked after in a way that you may never have experienced before.  Much more than the local massage shop 300 THB oil massage. 

Ladies – think about a spa treatment package as a gift for that special man in your life before a romantic dinner?’

We both were very relaxed and even managed to do some work in a calm way, making me think maybe we need a treatment every day.

If you haven’t visited Hotel De La Paix yet, do so as it’s very unusual in a lovely way and located North of Cha Am On quiet road but just outside the city. I am going back soon and definitely having the exfoliation next time!

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