Housing for All in The Year 2036


The State has reduced the registration fees for rights and juristic Acts in the case of real estate.

The Lands Department has reduced the registration fee for rights and juristic acts in the case of real estate which is a dwelling for low to medium-income people approved by the government in wanting to support them to have their own residence with the price not exceeding 1 million Baht.

This policy is to ease the burden of property buyers in order to achieve the vision of “Housing for all in the year 2036” by reducing the Registration and Transfer Fee, and
the mortgage to only 0.01 percent. This includes the transfer of real estate of land with
buildings or residential buildings that are single-family houses, duplex, row houses and
condos not exceeding one million Baht.

This policy was in effect on 24 June 2019 and will
continue until 23 June 2020, with the transferor being either a person or a juristic person, but the transferee must be in person.