How gasoline prices in Thailand compare other countries in ASEAN

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Rising gasoline prices are continuing to be a bane for motorists in Thailand, with the cost of filling up reaching levels that some motorists have not experienced before.

This week, the average price for Gasohol 91 and Gasohol 95 reached 44.88 baht per litre and 45.15 baht per litre, respectively, while diesel prices hit 34.94 per litre.

There seems to be no end in sight for rising fuel prices.

Gasoline prices in Thailand, like most places, have climbed in line with global oil market prices, which have more than doubled in little over a year. Oil prices have also been driven up by the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is affecting supply.

In turn, the improving COVID-19 situation in many countries is seeing demand increase to create a perfect storm of a reduction in supply and an increase in demand to ramp prices up further.

It means that motorists in Thailand are now paying more for gasoline per litre than at any other time during the past seven years.

But how do gasoline prices in Thailand compare to other countries in ASEAN or elsewhere?

Across the region, it is a similar story, with motorists having to come to terms with the sudden and sharp rise in gasoline prices.

In fact, by comparison, the prices in Thailand remain some of the lowest in ASEAN.

The Thai government says this is because it has used its ‘fuel fund’ to help subsidize costs and reduce taxes especially for both diesel and gasohol.

Singapore – 83.25 baht/liter
Laos – 60.68 baht/liter
Cambodia – 52.51 baht/liter
Philippines – 51.26 baht/liter
Vietnam – 46.79 baht/liter
Myanmar – 44.95 baht/liter
Thailand – 44.65 baht/liter
Indonesia – 43.78 baht/liter

Singapore – 77.00 baht/liter
Philippines – 51.91 baht/liter
Cambodia – 46.59 baht/liter
Laos – 46.36 baht/liter
Indonesia – 46.05 baht/liter
Myanmar – 44.58 baht/liter
Vietnam – 39.11 baht/liter
Thailand – 32.94 baht/liter

The prices listed above were the average gasoline price in ASEAN as of June 6, 2022.