The following principles of “Ready Golf” are accepted worldwide to avoid slow play – an issue for all Golf Courses! All golfers should consider ways to can save time so that everyone enjoys a quick game. The lowest handicapped player in a group has responsibility to ensure that the group keeps up with the group ahead.

(a) Off the teeThe first player to tee off should move from the green directly to the next tee box. This player should mark the card; have drinks or whatever else they need to do after teeing off.If someone else is ready to play before the player with the ‘honour’ allow them to do so.Allow shorter hitters to play first when it is safe to do so.Players who have teed off should be ready to walk towards their ball as soon as the last player has teed off.

(b) Tee to green Don’t be pedantic about the order of play. Unless it is unsafe or distracting, play even if your ball is ahead of others.Stand by your ball, select your club and do your preparation while others are playing. You should be ready to play as soon as it is safe to do so.Play your shot before helping look for a lost ball.Remember the 5 minute maximum search time for a lost ball. Play a provisional ball if there is any doubt about finding your ball.

(c) On and around the green Chip shots may be taken by the player first ready not necessarily the furthest away. Park your buggy between the Green and the next tee for an early clearance of the area. Be ready to mark another ball if the player/caddie is not close. Don’t be pedantic about the order of play, putt according to who is ready. Continue until holed out rather than marking short putts. Consider the line and then be ready to putt as soon as others have finished.Complete the card after moving from the Green. Move to the next tee without delay.THERE’S NO NEED TO RUSH – JUST BE READY!