Hua Hin gyms given permission to re-open

Officials at Tank Gym in Hua Hin.

Good news for gym goers and fitness enthusiasts in Hua Hin.

Health officials from the Hua Hin Municipality have given permission for gyms to re-open providing they can adhere to a set of strict preventative measures.

The most significant of these measures is that air-con is not permitted to be used and that there must be good ventilation throughout the gym floor. For example, windows and doors are required to be open at all times and extractor fans used where possible.

The news comes after officials carried out inspections at gyms in the area.

Some gyms had already announced they were re-opening and had been letting people use their facilities since Tuesday.

However, now is the first official confirmation from the authorities regarding the re-opening of gyms in the area.

Gyms we know are open:

Officials at Tank Gym in Hua Hin.