Hua Hin Mayor Calls for Official Meeting


The Mayor of Hua Hin, Deputy Mayor and the Advisor to the Mayor recently called for an official meeting the Chief Officers from all the public sector departments in Hua Hin.  This was to discuss policy issues for developing this city so that both Thai and foreign visitors are accommodated.

The Mayor Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul said that the meeting was also attended by executive staff from the Hua Hin Municipality.  This included the chief officers of the Education Division, Treasury Division, Mechanic Division and Public Health and Environment Division. All participants discussed the policies that are required to improve and develop Hua Hin as an urban community. The focus was on better infrastructure, cleaner beaches and increasing tap water quantity.

According to the Mayor, Hua Hin’s public beaches are still dominated by food sellers who set up food stalls. He commented that officials responsible for controlling them, such as municipal officers, public health officers and officers from the Harbor Department, should monitor the situation closely. The law should be enforced on those who sell food with extremely expensive prices to Thai and foreign tourists.

Mr. Nopporn also said monitoring of beaches would be ‘beefed up’.  This would include building an observation tower with staff to take care of beach goers and provide first aid services similar the way USA beaches are monitored.

Mr. Nopporn added that the former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Surat Liptapanlop has given the Hua Hin Municipality 1 million Baht and the Provincial Governor a further 2 million Baht. He will request that this money to be used to complete these developments by the end of this year.

With regard to the issue of public areas encroaching and dumping waste water in the Bo Fai areas the Mayor has asked staff from the Mechanic Division to monitor any problems closely.

He also asked concerned officials to finish paving footpaths for the disabled in 16 areas in Hua Hin as soon as possible.

For the Hua Hin Municipality, Mr. Nopporn asked the Deputy Mayors to design a new shirt to be used as a uniform for all municipal staff. This will have to be worn once a week.  It will be an additional uniform to the regular ones public staff are wearing now. He also aims to upgrade the uniform of public officials so that everyone will also recognize the uniforms of local administrators.