Hua Hin Provincial Court Launches “Compromise & Solidarity Campaign”


The Director General of Judges in Area Seven and the Judge of the Hua Hin Provincial Court Mr. Pramuan Raksilatham recently launched the “Compromise & Solidarity Campaign” to reduce civil and criminal prosecutions of both Thais and foreigners in the City.

This campaign aims at reducing business conflicts and disputes as well as property damage claims by the people of Hua Hin. Because any legal prosecution requires both time and money, those who get involved often waste their precious time on legal procedures and eventually become enemies, said Mr. Pramuan.

As the Hua Hin Provincial Court is responsible for all legal procedures by local people and tourists in the city, the campaign will focus on negotiation and compromise between two litigants at the initial stage so that the dispute can be settled as soon as possible.

The Court will provide them with judges’ associates selected from qualified and trustworthy people who will serve as negotiators between two parties. Once both parties accept offers made by each other, the case will be closed.

This process will provide a convenient, fast and cost-saving alternative to formal legal procedures.  The Judges at the Hua Hin Provincial Court can give suggestions and regulations concerning criminal lawsuits if required.

Provincial courts in 76 provinces of Thailand are launching this campaign to promote cooperation and create peaceful solutions for legal issues. “As the Director General of the Hua Hin Provincial Court, I’m pleased with this campaign because it makes use of negotiation techniques and legal procedures to solve and quicken legal prosecution.

Not only officials but also local people will benefit from it. So, I’d like to ask anyone involved in any legal cases to kindly undergo negotiation as it’s more advantageous than requesting the court for legal prosecution right away,” said Mr. Pramuan.

The Chief Judge of the Hua Hin Provincial Court Mr. Santi Chukitsappaisan also described some important regulations for civil case negotiation. The Regulations are formulated according to the following objectives:

1) to promote cooperation between litigants in ending their disputes;

2) to give justice to everyone in Hua Hin and create solidarity, unity and cooperation in legal procedures;

3) to provide those who have legal cases with an alternative way to end disputes conveniently, quickly and impartially; and

4) to raise public awareness of the benefits of the campaign as an option for other legal cases in the future.