But What Will You Be Supporting?

Supporters of the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation have arranged a fundraising Day with the 1st Annual Golf Tournament at The Banyan Golf Club on 25th October 2013.

Please note that although the closing date is described as being the 31st August we have been advised that places are still available so there is still a chance for you to join in and support the Foundation, apart from enjoying a fantastic golfing experience at this great Golf Course.

If you want to know more about the Foundation try visiting   Rescuing elephants from a life of misery and providing the best of care for their long life is what the Foundation is all about.  Although tourists are welcome one of the differences from other ‘elephant experiences’ is that Hutsadin operates according to Buddhist traditions with visitors also able to participate in the ceremonial aspects of this religion.

Here’s An Elephant Rescue Example!

‘Songkran’ was born on 13th April 2008 at Surin.  After being rejected by her mother hand rearing was necessary, an expensive and time consuming process.  Because of fears that she would be sold into circumstances where her welfare would be in jeopardy a group of local families, both Tai and expats joined together to buy her from the owner and bring her to Hutsadin for a better future.  This rescue needed more than one million THB to be raised initially, apart from ongoing costs.

Initially stunted in growth, Songkran is now full of life and one of the real characters at the Foundation.  She is renowned for being a little ‘naughty’ in a friendly though mischievous way.  Although her mahout needs to be ever watchful, Songkran is now very responsive to his commands, just rather wilful when the opportunity arises.  Visitors to the Foundation can ‘get up close and personal’ and sample her affection ‘a trunk kiss’ and be entertained by a range of skills demonstrating the intelligence and personality of the Asian elephant.

There are six elephants in resident at the Foundation, including a female due to give birth any day.  Donations are always welcome to this non-profit making organisation, so if you are not a golfer, visiting the Foundation will give you the opportunity to contribute to elephant welfare as well as to have the best elephant experience possible!

Location:  Just head up the hill from Hua Hin (Soi 70/3218) following the signs towards Pal-U Waterfall.  It’s about seven kilometres to the top of the hill where you will find Hutsadin on the right hand side.