I Believe That Everybody Knows What Exercise Means


You have known from last issue how many types of exercise are. This issue would talk about what the result

from exercise in different time of a day is.

Exercise not only makes your health stronger but also makes your weight in control and, sometimes, loss as well as builds your muscle. In different timing of the day, the effect from exercise is distinctively different. Let’s see how different between exercise in the morning and in late afternoon.

In the morning, the person who would like to control the weight should do exercise because your body would burn the energy from yesterday. The remaining calorie would be used. Besides, your pulse rate would work better. Moreover, doing exercise in the morning would awake your body and use the oxygen for metabolism more productively. Warming your body up before doing exercise is very important because the temperature in the morning is lower than your body unless you might get hurt. After doing exercise, do not forget to cool your muscle down. One more advantage of exercise in the morning is that you could do it as regularly. However, please do exercise appropriately otherwise you might feel tired instead of fresh. At the beginning, you could feel uncomfortable. When you do exercise in the morning regularly for a while, you would feel happy.

Late afternoon means 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. In this time, the muscle is warm and flexible. Your body is perfectly ready for doing exercise. The perfect time should be around 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. The results of doing exercise in this period are, firstly, the strength of your muscle would be stronger. Secondly, you could control your dinner

appetite. Thirdly and fourthly are relaxing and sleeping easily. You should warm your body up and cool your body down before and after doing exercise same as in the morning. However, it is quite difficult to do it as routine because of your daily job. Just think that doing sometimes is better than doing nothing.

Those two periods should be the most possible time for all people. Anyway, you could do exercise anytime you are available because it would give you only good advantage. Lastly, try to exercise at least 30 minutes per time and 3 days per week. See you soon.