International SOS launches new business travel app

International SOS launches new business travel app
International SOS launches new business travel app

Global medical and travel security services group International SOS has unveiled a new app for business travellers and expatriates, which delivers key information, advice and connectivity. Rich Gallagher, chief digital officer at International SOS, said, “This is a traveller’s ultimate tool for overcoming obstacles they may come up against while overseas. Simple to use, it provides immediate access to the full strength of International SOS’s global information and assistance network.” Called Assistance App, the new tool is designed to assist travellers in a wide range of situations.

They may need to speak to a doctor or to a security professional when a threat is developing in their location. They can also let their employer know exactly where they are when requiring help. The app gives instant access to country guides and location-specific alerts written by 120 travel security experts in five regional security centres around the world. Further information is provided by a dedicated medical and analysis team, which is part of a wider global network of 2,000 medical professionals.

These experts are based in 27 assistance centres, at International SOS clinics and on clients’ remote sites. Key to the app’s functionality is the new location check-in feature. This allows business travellers to share their location with their employer’s travel, medical and/or security support teams via the recently upgraded International SOS TravelTracker platform. Rich Gallagher explains, “Imagine a traveller flying abroad. Using travel-booking data, their employer easily knows where the traveller’s plane is due to land.

But what if, upon landing, the traveller takes a 150-kilometre taxi ride to a remote work site? With one click, that traveller has the ability to confirm where they are located at that time, with their location details clearly visible on their employer’s TravelTracker map. “This location check-in is a huge step forward. It puts an end to much of the location guesswork that can exist during a crisis. With our fully integrated assistance capabilities, we can get help to travellers more quickly and sometimes even before they know they need it.” The Assistance App is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones.