Investigation launched after Korat police use official police van for trip to Cha Am beach

A file photo of a Thai police van. For reference only.

An investigation has been launched into the alleged use of an official police van by officers on a jaunt to Cha Am beach.

The commissioner of Nakhon Ratchasima police Panurat Lakboon said he will launch an investigation into the incident after a video of people getting out of the van at Cha Am beach went viral on social media.

The video, which was also widely reported by Thai language news outlets, showed officers and women in casual clothes sitting and eating at Cha Am beach.

Netizens later discovered that the van in the video was registered to Phon Krang police station in Nakhon Ratachsima, also known as Korat, which is located some 420 kilometres away from Cha Am.

Senior police admitted the officers in question had no official business to be in Cha Am and it appears the van was used for personal use.

People commenting online said that it was inappropriate for the officers to use the van for a trip to the beach.

Senior police investigating the incident said that if wrongdoing is proven, the officers in question will face disciplinary action.