It gets worse! Thailand Intervac website taken offline after data leak

Image: Thailand Elite

Just when you thought the process for foreigners in Thailand to register for a COVID-19 vaccine online could not get any more shambolic, the website used for registrations was abruptly taken offline on Monday due a purported data breach.

Reports first surfaced on social media over the weekend that a glitch in the website meant that some user data was accessible to the public.

It appeared that it was possible to view the personal information of the last person who registered on the site. The data on display included name, address, date of birth and passport number.

On Monday, blogger Richard Barrow appeared to confirm the data leak.

“URGENT WARNING: If you are using the website to register for a vaccine appointment, please be aware ALL of your personal details are freely available”, Richard tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Richard explained how he was able to access the information of a different user every “five or ten minutes”.

Richard made it clear that he was not hacking the website but that the personal information was open to anyone who was using the site.


Other users commenting on Richard’s Twitter thread posted screenshots which also appeared to confirm they too were able to access other people’s information.

The website being taken offline is the latest in series of embarrassing issues related to foreigners in Thailand being able to register for vaccinations.

Today (June 14) was meant to be when the online registration portal was available to all foreigners in Thailand, however, the website has recently been updated to say that registrations are not currently available.

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