Labour Department urges citizens to acquire worker’s Identity Book


The Ministry of Labour have urged citizens to apply for an ‘Identity Book’ that will contain all the necessary information regarding personal history, educational attainment, training, work experiences and other abilities. This will be convenient for employers to promptly check on the applicant’s background when applying for a job.

The Ministry of Labour says this procedure will improve the labour force services for the general public and to reduce complicated procedures as well as photo copying many documents each time you apply for a job.

The ministry has introduced this ‘Identity Book’ under the Skill Development Promotion Act 2002 for use as a reference of an individual in various fields, such as requesting to access and certify the knowledge and work experience of an applicant.

In the event that school records, report cards or even a diploma of an applicant was lost, damaged or missing, employers could easily go through the necessary information by accessing the applicant’s Identity Book authenticated by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission that stores all the information in their data banks.

Applicants can apply for their Identity Book at the Skill Development Institute Labour and the Office of Skill Development nationwide. The following documents are required for application:

  • 1”x 1.5” recent photos
  • A copy of the Thai National I.D. Card
  • Copies of all the documents you wish to be recorded in your personal Identity Book.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Labour’s hotline: 1506 then press 4; or contact the Office for Competency Certification Department of Skill Development:
Tel. 02 245 1703
or visit their website:

WRITER: Larry Cadiz