Ladies Fashion Day@ King’s Cup Elephant Polo 2013



On Saturday 31st of August at the King’s Cup Elephant Polo the day was dedicated to the ladies with a Ladies’ Fashion Day Best Dressed Prize Competition. This informal competition for the best dressed was fun and a complete success.  Many people came dressed for the occasion and made the day colourful for those in attendance. The 1st Prize was no less than a stay at Anantara Maldives Resort.  That in itself must have been a motivation and all the ladies looked amazing.  We noticed six trends for this year’s best dressed competition, and here they are:

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Timeless Classic Black & White – “tres-chic” and always sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with this combo.

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Floral – We saw the full gamut with romantic flowers, tropical blooms and even some more dramatic flower creations.

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Vibrant pink – Refreshing vibrant pink is for the bold and daring!

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Safari Style – A desert queen look, in neutral beiges, reds and dull brownish-yellow colours, and also delicate accessories such as tribal umbrellas.

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Cruise Style– chic and luxurious. Striped prints, anchors and shiny gold buttons all appeared  in a palette  of blue tones, white and a touch of red.

And last but not least….

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Burlesque– One of the hottest trends in the world of fashion at the moment.  Pioneered by the actress and star of burlesque Dita Von Teese and recently featured in “The Great Gatsby”.



The winner was a lovely lady with her daughter by her side whom transformed themself into a green burlesque outfit for the day. The outfit was custom made with their secret tailor in Bangkok. They were both really elegant, and gave their own interpretation of Burlesque with a fabulous combination of vintage styles, bright lime colour and a touch of modernism. Congrats to both of them!

To see all pictures from the 31st August event go to Hua Hin Today Facebook page.