Lands Maps Application via Smart Phones


Nowadays, people can easily search for any land information and land locations without any cost just by downloading the Lands Maps Application via smart phones in both IOS and Androids system.

All the necessary information of the land are provided including the shape of land plots, land locations, land registration number, position number, a land title deed, survey page, areas and sizes (rai / ngan / square wah), in any districts and provinces.

Viewing the satellite image of the land is accessible through the ‘Street View’ and an appraised price of the land plot as well. You can check the travel information to the land office that has all the details of the land title deed that you’re searching for, as well as the contact number of a particular land office.

You can also check the fees, taxes, land surveying costs, and the time required to survey a land (survey queue).  In this regard, the Department of Lands Office provides the following details for access to public land information:

  1. Website
  2. Download the LandsMaps App.
  3. Public Service Points at land offices nationwide.
  4. Accessing through the Kiosk Machine Box, which is convenient to the public without having to travel to the land office.

For more queries, contact the Department of Lands’ direct line: 02 141-5555