Launch of global Ivory Free Campaign


WildAid, in partnership with the Kenyanbased African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and former National Basketball Association (NBA) player and Olympian Yao Ming, the Discovery Channel Global initiative ‘SAVING AFRICA’S GIANTS WITH YAO MING’ is a documentary looking at the extremely concerning worldwide crisis of poaching and trafficking of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn.

About 33,000 African elephants are killed yearly for their tusks. The elephant populations of West and Central Africa have been devastated, herds have been targeted in East Africa and the crisis is spreading South. WildAid Executive Director Peter Knights said poaching is a global problem that requires global solutions, from both individuals and governments The new campaign asks consumers to pledge to never buy, own or accept illegal ivory as gifts, and to support stronger government bans and actions to tackle the illegal ivory trade.

An adaptation of the campaign for the Thai market, involving local ambassadors, will be rolled out per January 2015. This campaign will raise awareness and support current government with the development and implementation of their National Ivory Action Plan. In the documentary ‘SAVING AFRICA’S GIANTS WITH YAO MING’, Discovery Channel worked with Yao Ming and WildAid to uncover the brutal secrets of this multi-million dollar underground trade, and spotlights Yao Ming’s mission to educate and inspire his countrymen and the world in the effort to stop the killings and save these innocent creatures from the very real possibility of extinction.

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