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Approximately 13 years ago the Forshlager brothers opened their first KBA Kite boarding outlet now they 15 shops spread over Thailand & Vietnam. Their shops sell & rent kite boarding equipment plus teaching kite boarding lessons to any age group. They decided to open their first shop in Hua Hin as it has favorable winds & weather for seriously good kite boarding. The winds are good for beginners as well as for advanced kite boarders. The weather is so favorable for kite boarding that in 2010 and 2011 The kite boarding World Cup was held in Hua Hin, in the future there is plan to hold it here again but the brothers are so busy running their businesses that will have to be some time in the future.

People that know how to snow board or wakeboard is easier but you do not have to be ultra fit and to learn kite boarding.
I managed to sit down and talk to one of the Forshlager brother Raveh who answer some of my basic questions about kite boarding.
What are the requirements to able to be able to learn kite boarding? For example are there any age restrictions?
Currently we have a 70 year plus gentleman that is kite boarding with us. People seem to think that you have to be ultra fit to kite board. This is not necessary as most of the weight of the kite is taken by the kite boarding harness and your arms are only there to steer and control the kite surfing kite, not to hang on.

How long does it take to learn to kite board?
It takes for most people 3 days to learn to kite board for some a few extra days might be required if they do not feel comfortable to go it at their own. The 3 days course is never more than 2 students per trainer but here in Hua Hin we mostly do one-on -one training. The training consists of theory, safety, how to use the equipment and practice controlling the kite in the water without the board. Also students are taught how to control kite with one hand so you can put on your board in the water , then board practice and when the student is ready they learn how to start a water start and then they know all they need to kite board. If students still need more time to learn that is easy to arrange.

How serious are you about safety?
We have jet skis and boats that can collect kite boarders but we make sure that all our students are trained in self rescue such as getting the kite back up etc. Plus all our students are insured. We have not had any accidents so far and we plan to keep it that way with vigilance and training.

When is the best time to kite board?
The best months by far are Feb & March as the winds are consistent but you can kite board any time of the year but you have to keep your eyes on the weather report to catch the most favorable winds if you are a serious kite boarder.

Is kite boarding a sport and how does it benefit you health?
Kite boarding strengthens your core muscles and one of our riders is an Osteopath and he has said he believes kite boarding is one of the greatest ways to gain core strength which improve your balance and stability.

How much does it cost to take the 3 day course?
The 3 day course costs 11,000 which include 6 hours training on one on one basis including insurance. After doing the course most people can kite board by themselves. After finishing course the students receive an IKO certificate. On top of this there are refresher courses and they having even instructor courses in Pranburi.

If you want to learn this highly addictive sport pleases call: 081 591 4593 and check out this website: http://www.kiteboardingasia.com