@LETIC Fitness Now a New Eating Experience in Hua Hin


The first thing I asked my colleague Khun Nok when we arrived at the newly opened @LECTIC Fitness Restaurant on site at the Company premises in Hua Hin was about the name ‘Letic’.  It’s really quite simple if you look at the logo carefully.  If you run the ‘At’ (@) together with the rest of the name it quickly becomes Atletic, or perhaps more correctly in English – Athletic.  After all that’s a prime aim of the fitness centre; producing fit athletes.

The complex already provided a car wash, a spa & massage centre as well as the fitness centre compete with a café offering a range of healthy food and energy supplements.  However opening on 6th July there is now another reason to become a customer of @LETIC; to enjoy fine dining.

Don’t be fooled by the modest surrounds and casual setting.  On site is a very surprising dining experience.  The couple operating the new Restaurant are partners Khun Nok and Chef Khun Nun.  Khun Nun has vast experience in cooking fine food going back some 18 years including a stint at the Anantara Resort.

What’s on offer here is not a roadside café menu or just ‘comfort food’ but a selection of carefully selected items chosen by the hosts as their personal favourites.  We’re talking about appetisers, salads and soups with a Mediterranean touch, pasta, steaks and fish followed by desserts to round off your meal experience.  For example; New Zealand mussels in white wine, carbonara salmon, salmon and mackerel, Australian steaks and last but not least apple flambé and crepe suzette.

Our visit to the restaurant was without prior notice and not intended as a food review but it certainly impressed on a number of levels.  First the eagerness of the hosts to offer assistance with the choice of the food and to offer ‘specials’ (particularly accompaniments and variation to the choice of sauces).  They were also very engaging hosts with English language communication skills and BIG smiles.  Second the commitment to freshness with the ingredients being prepared on site by chef Khun Nun.  And last but not least, the very moderate costs of the menu items.

By the way you may wish to ask Khun Nun about his balloon blowing tricks (wearing pirate head wear!) and come home with a swiftly created ‘balloon animal’ as a treat for the kids.

We are wondering what next will be on offer at @LETIC ???????

Location: Soi 88, Hua Hin

Open: 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM