Do you know the answers to these questions?

  1. 1.       In Greek mythology who beheaded the Gorgon Medusa?
  2. 2.       Which sport uses the ‘Eskimo Roll’?
  3. 3.       On a ship what is known as a ‘dead head’?
  4. 4.       What is the currency of Egypt?
  5. 5.       What was the original name of Neil Diamond?

(Answers given below)

These were some of the questions posed at a recent Quiz Night in Cha – Am.  If you knew the answers or perhaps they just wouldn’t roll off your tongue, the Cha – Am Monday Quiz Night may be of interest to you. So much more sociable and entertaining than just watching anotherTV Quiz Show!

Each Monday evening tables of 4 or 5 participants (men and women) wrack their brains trying to remember small items of trivia to gain points and become part of the winning table.  Participating is easy; just front up with your ‘brains trust’ or if you are by yourself you will soon find others to make up a table.

The Quiz Master is a volunteer and changes every week.  There are four sets of twelve questions, always asked in English.  The topics are as varied as the imagination of the Quiz Master but likely to include history, sport, music, film and television, geography and perhaps even physics and chemistry.  The aim is for the questions to be challenging (perhaps a little quirky!) though not so hard that no one has an answer.  Being the Quiz Master requires some research (the answers may be challenged)and finding questions that do not give an advantage to particular nationalities oroverlyinfluenced by the Quiz Master’s bias; not as easy as it sounds.

Each team provides a‘cryptic’ name such as ‘Mushy Peas’, ’Poker Faces’, ‘Red Devils’, or even ‘Four Skins’ (sic)!  It’s a collaborative effort with stiffled discussions between Members before the Team answer is recorded.  Stiffled because eavesdropping by other tables is always a possibility!  The Rules are very few, but don’t think that you can call on ‘outside’ sources or a ‘smart phone’ with an internet connection!

The atmosphere of the evening is fun but with a competitive edge.  There is always some banter and friendly rivalry. This is not about big prizes (you may get a free drink!) but a social scene with an edge.  You’ll definitely meet some interesting characters of all nationalities.

You are likely to be amazed which bizarre and distant pieces of trivia have been stored away in the grey matter of the competitors over the years.  Prompted by the right questions an answer may emerge without any rhyme or reason, but first responses or instinctcan often be relied upon.  You don’t have to be a ‘Rhodes Scholar’ just someone with some experience of the world or maybe a dormant long term memory.

If you are interested in testing your knowledge of trivia here are the details:

Where:                                Blue Lagoon Bar and Guest House, Soi Plaza, Cha – Am

When:                 Every Monday, nominate by 7.00PM

Enquiries:           Stu; Phone 0904 353 287

(ANSWERS: No.1 – Perseus, No.2 -Kyaking , No. 3 –A non – paying passenger , No.4- the pound , No.5 –Neil Diamond)