Major Thai brewer announces increase in beer prices

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One of Thailand’s leading breweries has announced an increase in the price of its beer.

Mr. Phurit Bhirombhakdi, Chief Executive Officer of Boon Rawd Trading Co., Ltd. has revealed that the price of Leo beer will increase from July 1, citing rising costs in production, energy and fuel.

Mr. Phurit said efforts had been made to maintain the price of Leo in order to reduce the impact on customers. However, rising costs meant that an increase in prices was now necessary.

He added that Leo is the last beer brand to implement a price increase, with other brands having already announced increases earlier in the year.

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As of July 1, the price of Leo will increase as follows:

​​Big bottles (620ml) increased by 12 baht per box or equal to 1 baht per bottle.
Small bottles (320ml) increased by 18 baht per box or 0.75 baht per bottle.
Long cans (490ml) increased by 11 baht per tray or 0.90 baht per can.
Short cans (320ml) increased by 18 baht per tray arton or 0.75 baht per can.

The rise means consumers could see an increase of between 10-20 baht per box (bottles) or per tray (cans) on the retail price of Leo.

The news comes after the price of Chang Classic was adjusted last year, with the price of a box of 12 bottles increasing by 10 baht from 595 baht to 605 baht, while the price of a pack of 24 cans increased at 5 baht per tray, originally 735 baht to 740 baht.

The price of Heineken is also set to increase, by 50 baht per box, from 800 baht to 850 baht, and the price of a tray of cans from 940 baht to 1,030 baht.

Meanwhile, Mr. Somchai Phornratanacharoen, president of the Thai Wholesale and Retail Association, said that at least two of Thailand’s leading soft drinks manufacturers were also set to announce an increase in prices within the coming days.