Many more international flights planned for Hua Hin Airport

Hua Hin Airport
Image: Hua Hin Today

Exciting new plans were announced for Hua Hin Airport on Wednesday.

International flights to a number of overseas destinations are set to begin later this year.

The airport will service destinations within a 6 or 7 hour radius of Hua Hin, such as India, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, as well as the Middle East.

The airport plans to operate a charter flight, likely between Hua Hin and China later this year, before operating two international flights per day in 2022 and 5 international flights per day by 2025.

This will see 100,000 passengers arriving at the airport in 2022 and one million arrivals by 2025.

The plans for the airport, dubbed the Phoenix-Plan, are part of a collaboration between the Phoenix Group, which originates from Hong Kong and the Department of Airports.

“This is the single most important initiative for Hua Hin International Airport since its inception more than 30 years ago,” said Provincial Governor Dr Pullop Singhaseni

“The timing of this announcement could not be better, as the world awakens from the COVID pandemic and Thailand re-opens for business and tourism”, said Udon Olssson, Chairman of Phoenix Aviation Thailand Limited.

“The Phoenix-Plan is a private sector initiative fully funded by the Phoenix Group”, said John Laroche, CEO of Phoenix Aviation International Limited.

“The Phoenix-Plan will not only have a major impact on Hua Hin Airport but also the city of Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phetchaburi”, Mr Laroche added.

The airport also plans to continue to service the domestic routes to Chiang Mai and Udon Thani, with the flights to Kuala Lumpur expected to resume later this year.