On September 15th 2013, at the Willpower Institute 18  Kao Tao Temple, Hua Hin, over 40 foreigners attended a 1st training meditation course in English by Master Vuttikorn  Sathan-art.

Chin-na sa meditation was developed by Long Por Viriyang Sirindharo from his own experience in teaching meditation both in Thailand and abroad for 65 years.  As a recognised monk teaching Buddhism in Canada and USA, he has established 6 Thai temples in these countries which are now centres for Buddhists.

This was the first training meditation course in English in Thailand for foreigners having an interest in meditation. Without language problems, they can learn the true Buddhist way and how to implement it in their daily life. This practice can provide peace to our human minds and continuous happiness in our lives. This meditation teaching, based on the Buddhist way of life, is open to everybody regardless of their own religion.

Anybody from any country and any religion is most welcome to these open training meditation sessions.

For more information; Willpower Institute located  at Kao Tao temple  ,Hua Hin Soi 101 or Tel 081-4453305