Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fix ‘bugs’ in Thailand Pass system


(NNT) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making adjustments to the Thailand Pass system after tourists have had to wait long periods to receive their QR codes. The ministry is now allowing the use of PDF files to facilitate tourists’ selection of their initial hotel which is linked to an accommodating hospital.

Department of Information director-general Tanee Sangrat explained that the slow QR code problem in the Thailand Pass system has arisen due to several causes.

These include registrants not having uploaded their vaccination evidence or having uploaded poorly visible scans, the information supplied not matching the designated items, the hotel booking information not having been linked to the system of a hospital supplying RT-PCR tests, and multiple attempts at registration have caused confusion in the approval process.

Mr. Tanee said there were also cases of the wrong email address being filled by the applicant or the applicant’s email box being full, which meant the applicant did not receive the responding mail or the QR code.

In some cases, @hotmail addresses did not accept the response emails; the foreign ministry is currently coordinating with Hotmail service provider Microsoft to address this issue. In the meantime, applicants are advised to use non-Hotmail addresses to register.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working with the relevant agencies to address the issues that have surfaced with the Thailand Pass system and make improvements so that travelers may be better serviced.

Applicants may now submit documents in PDF format and select their initial hotel using a drop-down list. A function for checking the registration status is being implemented so applicants will not have to resort to registering multiple times.

Work is also being carried out to increase the number of digital vaccine certificates supported by the automatic system, in order to reduce the workload of officials.

Travelers are advised to leave extra time for the vaccine certificate inspection. Those who have matters of urgency are advised to contact the Thai consulate nearest to them or the Department of Consular Affairs call center at phone no. 02 572 8442.

From November 1 to 6, a total of 90,165 applications were made for the Thailand Pass and 33,788 have already been approved. However, those who possess the Certificate of Entry that was approved before November 1 may still use it to enter Thailand.