‘Minor cases and Recover at home’ virus plan

'Minor cases and Recover at home' virus plan
'Minor cases and Recover at home' virus plan

The health ministry has responded to the rapid rise in COVID-19 by drafting a plan to allow patients with less serious symptoms to quarantine them at home to save hospital beds for the most severe cases.

Hospitals are required to meet certain criteria when considering Covid-19 patients for self-quarantine. This plan is only recommended if the patient does not have other developed symptoms and will have to quarantine themselves for one month.

The drawing plan responds to growing concerns that hospital beds will be filling quickly in the third wave of the current outbreak and must act quickly in the event of a worsening of the situation.

At the moment people’s fears over the current situation related more to long waits for hospital beds rather than a shortage of beds

Hospital admission is still mandatory for all COVID-19 patients, but mild and asymptomatic cases, known as “Greens”, can be referred to field hospitals and so-called “hospitels”

The idea of being detained at home is still just planning but it hasn’t been carried out yet.

All hospitals under the ministry have been ordered to refrain from ICU beds as more severe cases are expected this week. The DMS is working closely with medical schools to manage ICU beds.

There are 9,317 beds in total, up from 6,000-7,000, and there are also around 3,000 beds available at this moment.

Under the home isolation plan, COVID-19 patients must be asymptomatic, under 40, and not be categorised as obese and/or have other underlying health problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, or other illnesses identified by doctors as unsafe for self-care at home.

And they must also provide consent to home isolation, and if they live in an apartment or dormitory, the building supervisor must also give permission.
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Hospitals would be required to check on those patients on a regular basis for 14 days and hospitalise them if their symptoms deteriorate.

Thailand reported situation by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) Covid-19 update on 20 April 2021(Tuesday), 11:30 A.M. there are 1,443 new confirmed cases, 2 from abroad, 1,441 from the local transmission, with 4 deaths reported, making a total of 45,185 infections and a Total number of deaths 108.

Source: Bangkok Post