Molina Italian Wine and Cuisine!


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On Wednesday night my colleague and I were invited to the Molina Restaurant. It is conveniently located next to the Cicada market. The entrance has a small terrace with a few tables with candles and with a large ornate tree.  When you see it you know this is an Italian restaurant!  The owners of Molina  told me that in few months some tables will be put on the balcony upstairs and I cannot wait to see how that will look.

At this restaurant you can find a big selection of great Italian wines but of course that’s not the only thing. The food was impressive as well! From starters we had “Bruchetta with mozzarella cheese, blue cheese, honey, garlic and basil” and a selection of “cold cuts” and feta cheese.This is what you call a mini feast! Also for the first time I tried blue cheese with honey and it was really delicious. The cold cuts were fantastic; I especially loved the mortadella with olives on the side. I forgot to mention that to accompany this was a big basket with homemade bread, olive oil and balsamic to compliment the starter.

Next came the dish that I was the anticipating the most, “classic risotto with porcini mushroom”.  I am in love with this dish! It had the taste of perfection! The risotto was as creamy and rich as it should be and with just the right consistency. Porcini is one of my favorite ingredients in risotto; it has a unique woody flavour and intense aroma! Molina certainly provides the best fresh ingredients.

Next dish to arrive was the “roasted lamb chop with grilled vegetables and wine reduction”. As lamb is one of my favorite meats, I really enjoyed this dish.  The meat was very tender and cooked to perfection! With starters and two main courses I did not have the dessert but I have heard their “Mamma Giusy’s Tiramisu” is fantastic.

Molina is a great place to start your night or a place to unwind.  It definitely a place for people that love Italian wine and good food! The prices are reasonable with an average two meal dinner with wine at 750THB per person!

Molina Italian Wine and Cuisine

Tel: 089 505 1006