More than 2,000 COVID-19 cases found at Phetchaburi factory

Image: Phetchaburi News

More than 2,000 people who work at a factory in Phetchaburi have now tested positive for COVID-19, health officials confirmed on Sunday (May 23).

The outbreak, which was discovered last week at the Cal-Comp Electronics factory located in Khao Yai, has resulted in 2,111 infections among its migrant worker and Thai employees.

The factory, which has now been turned into a temporary field hospital, employs 5,000 people, all of whom are due to undergo a rapid COVID-19 test. Officials say they expect to discover at least 1,000 more cases following the completion of the tests.

Image: Phetchaburi News

Officials from the Ministry of Public Health and the Labour Department are now formulating plans to help further contain the outbreak.

As well as placing the factory in lockdown and prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving, checkpoints have been set up throughout Phetchaburi province in order to try and prevent workers from leaving the area.

Translators are also being deployed at the factory to improve communication between health officials and migrant workers.

On Sunday, Phetchaburi reported 968 new cases, one of the highest case totals reported in a single day anywhere in Thailand, with the exception of Bangkok.