People in Thailand warned of scam text messages


BANGKOK (NNT) – Recently, scamming sms have been sent to thousands of people in an attempt to acquire their financial information.

Deputy Secretary General of the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Mr. Sutthisak Tantayothi said today that if anyone receives an SMS attached to a link, don’t click on it, but look at the link as it is not spelt correctly unlike banks, and official websites. These links tend to use signs and Thai letters for English words or the other way round, in order to trick the sms receivers.

Another way to secure your information and be sure the sms is not a fraud is by calling the call center of the organization mentioned in the sms.

Mr. Sutthisak also stressed that Username, Password and OTP are what scammers are looking for as these three things are all they need to transfer money out of the victims’ bank account.

NBTC has already informed all telecommunication providers to check the origin of the sms in order to avoid any more frauds.