Yoga Dean Cake Verano - December 2012 - 145


There is a new Gym open up on Soi 102, owned by Dean & Cake. POWERFIT 102 operates slightly differently from other gyms we have seen. Powerfit use what’s called “Functional Fitness”. What is Functional Fitness? Functional Fitness means that the exercise helps your body to function better, stronger and easier.


Additionally the gym is not your typical, linear Health Club or Body Building type of gym, but a “Play Ground” of many different kinds of equipment, objects, toys and routines. Dean states that at “at POWERFIT 102 you will not get frustrated or bored with your routine… because we don’t have any “routines”.


Every class, every session is different and challenging. Their WOD’s, (Workouts of the day) are designed to push clients to their limits, both in body and mind, developing strength and agility in a little as 15 minutes. The gym does have a good variety of Free Weights for traditional weight training, an Olympic Bench press, a real plate loaded heavy duty 45 degree leg press, squat rack, various benches and a full line of dumbbells from up to 30kgs. BUT they still emphasize overall body development even while using free weights. They also have Yoga classes for those so inclined.


Dean has over 25 years’ experience as a Martial Artist/Self Defense Instructor, Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. This is a pair that is brimming with health and can help you achieve the results you desire and deserve much as they have done. Cake and Dean are also trained in post rehabilitation exercise therapy and can help those with loss of mobility that has been the result of injury, surgery or body part replacement. Nutritional guidance for weight loss and weight gain is also available.


Opening Promotional rates for the gym are now:

Daily Gym rate:           200 THB

Weekly Gym rate:       800 THB

1 Month:                     1,600 THB

3 Months:                    4,800 THB    (4,560 THB – 5% discount)

6 Months:                    9,600 THB     (8,640 THB – 10% discount)

1 year:                         19,200 THB    (15,680 THB- 20% discount)


Most Classes are included in membership dues.  Special classes and seminars may include extra costs.

Personal Training:       1200THB per session.


They also do boot camps the rates are:

3 week Boot Camp Challenge: 3500THB

6 week Boot Camp Challenge: 6000THB

Minimum 6 people per Challenge.


If this is all the motivation you need to get started to train.  The good news is that readers of Hua Hin Today get a 5% discount on the Monthly Rate. (All you have to do is to mention that you are a Hua Hin Today reader)




Powerfit Tel: 032 900 533