New Plearn Wan with 1956 Nostalgia

New Plearn Wan with 1956 Nostalgia
New Plearn Wan with 1956 Nostalgia

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, Plearn Wan will undergo some renovation and remodification with additional zone, “Trok Wan Suen (literally, “Yesteryear Lane”)”. In Thai, “Trok” means a small street or lane of communities or villages where, in the past, Thai teenagers hung out together, had some small talks and even did activities.

At Trok Wan Suen of Plearn Wan, visitors will walk down the memory lane when they pass a lot of old styled shops and restaurants that bring back the atmosphere of Hua Hin in 1954, a year well known among Thai people as the period dominated by ruffians, said the Managing Director of Plearn Wan Ms. Pattra Sahawat. Established in December, 2010, Plearn Wan will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on 15 December this year.

To thank its valued customers, the 3rd anniversary celebration will consist of a concert by Jetrin ‘J’ Wattanasin, a famous Thai pop singer and rapper. Throughout the past three years, over 3 million visitors haven been to Plearn Wan. A living museum of Hua Hin, it features vintage atmosphere of Thailand and classic local culture and tradition of Hua Hin. Besides many interesting shops, coffee houses with vintage style and tasty food, Plearn Wan boasts Thai cultural performances, such as Thai boxing, Thai stage drama or ‘Likeh’, Thai dancing and outdoor old Thai movies.

These are the major selling points of Plearn Wan. Currently, Plearn Wan has its own accommodation, “Piman Pa Plearn”, of which the interior is decorated with vintage and classic items. Visitors can go there and celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Plearn Wan with the new Trok Wan Suen from 15 December onwards.