New requirements for Big Biker’s License


The new law for ‘big bike’ riders is to take a driver’s license exam. The popularity of big bike nowadays is increasing especially in the outer skirt of Bangkok’s busy crowded roads.

And this causes many people to spend a bit more money in buying their own bikes with its unique look and powerful engine. But some of these new riders do not have the proper driving skills and techniques, thus leading to more road accidents eventually.

The Cabinet has recently approved a draft on the amendments to the rules, procedures and conditions for renewing and issuing a new big bike driver’s license. There are, for example, requirements for medical certificate proving that the person applying for the license does not have any underlying sickness or disabilities while driving a motorcycle or a vehicle.

However, those who wished to ride a high-powered motorcycle or with an engine size of 400 cc or higher, one must undergo additional driving training and testing as required.

The new law when it comes into effect is expected to create standards for safe driving and help reduce road accidents and or loss of life and property. For more information at the Call Center, call 1584.