New Restaurant-cum-Art Gallery Now Open in Hua Hin


Two locally well-known Hu Hin families, the “Wongchomsin” family and the “Chokesuchart” family have recently opened a new restaurant that showcases traditional antiques of the City for Thai and foreign tourists.

Mrs. Wanna (Chokesuchart) Wongchomsin, the owner of the Hua Hin Shopping Mall commented that this restaurant, named “Raluek” (or “Remember” in English), is located at the Thanon Tok intersection and covers two Rai of land. It features the local food of Hua Hin such as rice topped with curry, pork noodles, pad Thai and Thai noodles.  There will be fast food and soft drinks for foreigners.

At the centre of the restaurant area is a 100 year old hip roof house serving as an art gallery featuring old images of Their Majesties and Royal Family Members who visited Hua Hin in 1967.  There will also be old pictures of Chatchai Market, Chulachakrapong Palace, the Rod Fai Hotel (now the Centara Hua Hin Hotel) and the old fishing village of Hua Hin. Other interesting artifacts include a statue of a man fighting with a shark and a lighthouse. There is also a stage for musical performances and for customers to use for occasions such reunions, birthdays or just getting together.

As its name suggests, the restaurant revives the past of Hua Hin through architectural style, artifacts and cuisine. Mrs. Wanna added that the restaurant once belonged to a Bangkokian who had it built around 100 years ago during the reign of King Rama VII.  Initially she planned to change the building into a hotel for foreign guests. However she later decided to make it into a restaurant-cum-art gallery to contribute much more to tourism in the City of Hua Hin. Many tourists are visit Hua Hin and the restaurant will serve as a city gate to welcome them the same as in Cities of many foreign countries.

Individuals or groups of people who would like to arrange a small or medium party of 100 to 200 persons can book the restaurant in advance. For more updates, please visit:รฤก-หัวหิน