New speed limits approved


The Thai Cabinet has approved an increase in speed limit from 90 to 120 kilometres per hour on four-lane highways and national and rural highways.

The new regulation is applicable to highways with at least two lanes travelling in the same direction and traffic islands with median barriers. The roads must not have a ground-level U-turn slot. Road speed limits of vehicle types are as follows:

  • Trucks weighing over 2,200 kg and buses with more than 15 passengers: 90 km/h.
  • Vehicles such as four-wheel drive that tow other vehicles: 65 km/h.
  • Small motorcycles are not allowed to drive at speeds exceeding 80 km/h, while motorcycles with
    400cc engines and 35 kilowatt engines are limited to 100 km/h.
  • School buses have a maximum limit of 80 km/h.
  • Buses carrying 7-15 passengers have a limit of 100 km/h.
  • Cars can drive up to 120 km/h.
  • Vehicles travelling in the furthest right fast lane must drive no slower than 100 km/h.

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