New Year’s Resolutions 2014



New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start a brand new year. Many people are all coming with new resolutions like weight loss, finding love, spending more time with family etc.
We all know that very few of these resolutions are followed beyond the first few days or weeks.
So this year, let’s be different and spend this first month by building the foundation of what will follow you all along the year. We have prepared some tips, to insert into your everyday life, new habbits, nothing much but at the end you will make a big change in your life. We are all the same, we are all full of motivations but at the end it never last….
So the key for anything you are starting is consistency!!!!
Follow our detox plan, exercises ideas, and do your best to make it a way of life and not just for the first few weeks.

Ideas and facts you need to know to get results fast:

1. Start your day with a cup of hot lemon water or green tea.

2. If you’re trying to lose weight, burning calories through exercise is key. But if you’re not burning enough, keep reading to learn what you might be doing wrong when it comes to burning calories.

3. Many women skip out on breakfast before their morning workout to either save calories or to prevent digestive upset. It’s one of the worst things you can do because eating first thing not only boosts your metabolism, it also gives you energy to get through your solid calorie-burning workout. Without the proper fuel, you’ll end up with a headache, dizzy spell, Not only are you losing muscle by exercising hungry, but since you have no fuel to work out, you won’t have the energy to exercise as long or as intensely as you would if you had eaten.
Since devouring an enormous plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns is also a bad idea, my favorite pre-workout snack is a banana sliced with 2-3 tablespoons of Oat meal in a yogurt , or mixed it into a blender to get a smoothie . It can be made with others fruits if you like. Try to not workout before 15 to 30mins after you have eaten.
It can also be:
-Half a slice of whole wheat bread with one tablespoon crunchy peanut butter.
-An ounce of cheese with some crackers.
-Two tablespoons cottage cheese mixed with a quarter cup of sliced grapes.
-Handful of pretzels dipped in hummus.
-Half an avocado spread on toast or crackers.
It all depends if you prefer savory or sweet taste in the morning.
Believe it or not don’t forget to eat a little something once your workout is complete. Your body needs a combo of protein and carbs to build and repair muscle and quickly recharge lost energy. Don’t go crazy just a little something which will keep you full until lunch. Here are some ideas for post-workout snacks, all under 150 calories:
– Lowfat cottage cheese mixed with half a cup of diced fresh pineapple, or kiwi, grapes.
– One small apple with one tablespoon peanut butter.
– 15 baby carrots with two tablespoons of hummus.
– 1container of Peach with Greek yogurt.
– One small banana with eight raw almonds.
– Trail mix made with 15 peanuts and a mini box of raisins.

4. Not exercising often enough is one reason you’re not seeing the slimming results you’re after. To make that scale budge, kick it up a notch and exercise three to five days a week.

5. Taking a brisk walk is a great way to lift your mood and improve your circulation, but unfortunately, it’s not a huge calorie burner. If weight loss is your goal, you must exercise for at least an hour a day, and it must be the heart-pumping kind that burns tons of calories. Jogging, hiking, biking, jumping rope, swimming, or taking a cardio class at your gym are all excellent options.

6. Want to lose your belly bloat? Sit-ups aren’t gonna do it for you, trust me!!!
One of the first thing you can do for a flat stomach is to kick the salt out of your diet. And not just in the salt-shaker, but hidden in sauces, cold-cuts, packaged foods, restaurant dishes, almost everywhere! Consider salt a frenemy who is secretly trying to make you fat. So stay away from it!!

7. Introducing your three best friends in the detox.
*Lemon is basically a detox present wrapped in a yellow peel. Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting, lemon naturally detoxifies the body, stimulating digestion and cleansing the liver. Bet you didn’t know it also helps abandon acne, abolish anxiety and fight fatigue. So Squeeze, squeeze it please!

*Ginger is also a superfood for its ability to stimulate circulation (no more cold hands and feet!), aid digestion and cleanse the body of toxins. Sipping ginger tea is a great way to relieve your belly after overeating, plus ginger’s spicy kick curbs cravings for other sweet additives.
I like to combine both lemon and ginger in boiling water. It is the perfect drink to follow you during the day… Too bitter, add one spoon of Honey! It is yummy!

*Cucumber, a favorite of all beauty experts around the world. This green veggie is a fabulous diurectic, whichremoves bloat and puffiness from your belly, the same way it relieves inflammation when places on your eyelids. It aids in weight loss by encouraging the elimination of waste in your body and is favored as the perfect weight-loss snack due to its low caloric count and high water content.
Other ways to incorporate these detoxing foods into your diet:
Flavor your food with lemon instead of sauces. Squeeze lemon onto salads, into your drink, in your green tea, on your fish or turkey- the possibilities are endless!
Munch on ginger as a side. Sushi always comes with a side of pickled ginger, which is great to have along with your Japanese food. Ginger can also be used to flavor chicken, eggplant, in dressings or wraps.
Snack on cucumber. Cucumber reduces water retention, which makes it the perfect snack to have before a night-out in your tight dress. Sip on cucumber-infused water while munching on sliced cucumber with lemon to get a flat belly, fast. Try bulking up your salads and sandwiches with cucumber slices, which will fill you up with minimal calories because it’s high water content, plus it increases the amount of time it takes you to finish since it’s so crunchy- not to mention, it doesn’t matter how much you eat!

8. Additionally, for the next week consume a vegetable-protein based diet for your lunches and dinners. Veggies can be steamed, in soup or stir fried. (just not too much of oil), Proteins meats and fishs will be grilled, baked in oven or steam.. Just a bit of olive oil and squeeze lemon…

9.Though fruits are essential to our health because of the high amount of vitamins and minerals they contain, to really get that sugar craving out of your system try to avoid fruits for the week so you stop craving fructose. Some fruits, such as berries, watermelon and papaya, have less sugar content than others like bananas and mangoes.
All can be incorporated into a healthy diet, but for the detox week, try to stay completely sugar free.

Practice mindful eating. Simply taking the time to sit down and savor your food may be the key to your weight loss. Do not multitask while eating, sit in front of the TV or even on our laptops (we all do it!) When we lose focus and no longer pay attention to what we are, we become out of touch with our bodies. This makes us over-eat and feel less satisfied from our meal. Please readMindful Eating- How Thinking About Your Food Will Change Your Life to take the first step towards mindful eating!
During those days where you won’t start your day with a workout but will keep it for lunch time or evenings. I advise to listen to your body- even if it means holding off breakfast! Many nutritionists may shoot me for saying this, but I believe some of us aren’t hungry in the morning for a reason, we shouldn’t force food into our bodies when we do not want it. Some of us, need an hour when we wake up to allow our bodies to slowly wake up before putting food into it. Unfortunately, work makes it difficult for people to snack during the day, but if you can, bring breakfast to work so you can eat it when you feel ready, not just stuff yourself for no reason.
But not only in the morning try to listen your body all along the day and learn to make the difference between “I’m Hungry” and “I need to fill myself”.
The most fact you need to know, the result of a flat belly, 80% is in what you eat… And only 20% of exercises. No miracle you have to stop carbs and junk food!

This detox super-drink combines these three toxin-killing superfoods into one refreshing summery cocktail (minus the alcohol) that is light and refreshing, with a kick.
Green Detox Pressed Juice
1/2 bunch spinach or kale
1 cucumber
1/2 lemon, peeled
1 celery stalk
2 apples
1-inch slice of ginger
All squeezed in a juicer.

The detox super drink:
2 lemons, juiced
2 tablespoon ginger, grated
1 cucumber, small, sliced.
In a blender, combine sliced cucumber, grated ginger and juice of two lemons.
Blend until smooth and pour into glass, topped with sparkling water. You can also blend with ice for a smoothie.
You can even add in with this purifying juice: parsley, pineapple, grapefruit and kiwi…
Finally, a drink where the more you sip, the cleaner you’ll feel. (And after an heavy night you won’t any hangover with this one!)

-30 mins WORK-OUT on Elliptic-
Putting in a full hour at the gym isn’t always an option, but even the tightest schedules can squeeze in, a 30-minute session. This fast-paced elliptical workout alternates between periods of pushing your body to the max with a short recovery, a great technique to make the most out of a quick, burn calorie workout.

00:00 — 3:00 3 130 Warmup
03:00 — 5:00 6 140
05:00 — 08:00 7 140 — 150
08:00 — 09:00 8 190 — 200 Sprint
09:00 — 12:00 6 150 — 160
12:00 — 13:00 8 190 — 200 Sprint
13:00 — 16:00 7 140 — 150
16:00 — 17:00 8 190 —200 Sprint
17:00 — 20:00 6 140 — 150
20:00 — 21:00 7 190 — 200 Sprint
21:00 — 24:00 6 150 — 160
24:00 — 25:00 8 190 Sprint
25:00 — 28:00 6 150
28:00 — 30:00 4 140 Cooldown

It’s Really good to burn calories and sweat the fat in your body… Less than 3 times a week won’t make a difference…. So you know what you have to do.
You need to combine this cardio workout with arms, abs, hips and butt workout. 10mins for each part of your body is enough but again it will have to be 3 times a week at least, for you to be able to see results.
There is plenty of work-out exercises on YouTube , find the one who suits you the most and go for it!.

Below check out a full list of workout songs to kept you motivated in the gym this year.
“Timber” — Pitbull, Ke$ha
“Roar” — Katy Perry
“Safe and Sound” — Capital Cities
“Blurred Lines” — Robin Thicke, T.I., Pharrell
“Pompeii” — Bastille
“Work B**ch” — Britney Spears
“Demons (Remix)” — Imagine Dragons
“Best Song Ever” — One Direction
“The Monster” — Eminem, Rihanna
“White Noise” — Disclosure, AlunaGeorge
“Don’t Save Me” — Haim
“Get Lucky” — Daft Punk, Pharrell
“Slow Down” — Selena Gomez
“Under Control” — Calvin Harris, Alesso, Hurts
“Wake Me Up” — Avicii
“Mirrors” — Justin Timberlake
“Burn” — Ellie Goulding
“Wild” — Jessie J, Big Sean
“Applause” — Lady Gaga
“Can’t Hold Us” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
“I Love It” — Icona Pop
“We Can’t Stop” — Miley Cyrus

If this mix isn’t your style, then check out all our workout playlists you will need to download the free Spotify software or the app on your smartphone to find something that suits your needs and taste.

You now have all the keys to start your one week detox to reboot your system and start clean, from inside out. This detox is your chance to repent yourself for your sins of chocolate and cheeseburgers and all sorts of junk food!
As much as we love good food, we know our bodies need a break from time to time to repair themselves from the over-indulging with the power of food. It benefits us all to take one week to transform our bodies and minds by reforming our lifestyle addictions to sugar, salt, alcohol, junk food, nicotine, high glycemic carbs, stress and anger.
I would go even further by telling you to have once a week a day with Just Juicing. Just pick the day which suits you and stick with it. We have no excuses, we leave in a country with a thousand variety of fruits and veggies!!!
Don’t loose anymore time and go to the supermarket and fresh market to stock up with healthy stuff!!!
Have a look in your cupboard…. To clean up any sugary, and bad food, to avoid the temptation during the detox week.
Good luck and see you next month, slimmer and sexier than ever, just on time for Valentine’s day.