Next Fortnight Crucial in Decision to Ease More of Thailand’s COVID-19 Restrictions

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BANGKOK (NNT) – Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) sees the next two weeks as crucial in any decision over whether to ease more restrictions on businesses and other activities.

According to an adviser to the CCSA, Dr. Udom Kachintorn, the CCSA should not lift many restrictions, if any, on September 15th, to make sure the situation remains under control.

He said the fall to 15,000 in daily new cases seen recently is a result of the lockdown imposed since July 20th and mass vaccinations. The lockdown easing on September 1st has flattened the downward trend and cases will begin to rise, so the government must rely on the public’s precautions and universal prevention measures.

Dr. Udom said state agencies and the private sector must conduct random antigen tests every week. A good proportion of people having had two shots of vaccine is not guaranteed to bring infection rates down, as has been seen in America and European countries.