No food and drinks allowed on domestic flights in Thailand


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has informed all domestic flight passengers regarding the latest COVID-19 containment measures according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

The CAAT’s latest announcement maintains that airlines must continue to follow the health and safety regulations during the current resurgence of local transmission.

Effective from 13 April, 2021, the guidelines include:

Maintaining social distancing practices on passenger services in all levels of operations, from check-in and boarding and disembarking.

Passengers are required to wear masks at all times during the flight, while maintaining hand hygiene.

No food and drinks will be served or sold on board. Consumption of personal food and drink is not allowed on board either. If utmost necessary, crews may consider offering drinking water to passengers in predetermined social distancing areas in the aircraft.

Newspapers, magazines, or brochures provided on board are prohibited with an exception for safety cards or pamphlets.

Pilots are required to wear masks, while all cabin crew must wear both masks and gloves at all times when on duty.

Flights longer than 90 minutes must set aside seats in the last two rows in case someone falls sick on board.